I am truly satisfied. Thank you for all of your continued help. I was out of the country on travel when the project started and came home to an amazingly finished product. You continuously assured me that you would exceed my expectations and much to my surprise you did just that. Thanks again for everything and I look forward to using you on my future pool projects.

Heath P.

Louis Pools transformed our backyard into an awesome outdoor haven. After looking at several pool builders we chose Louis Pools based on their design work and their sensible approach to making a comfortable outdoor living atmosphere. We couldn't be happier with their work....Thanks Mike and Chris.

Jeff E.

Hey, Mike thanks for taking me to see some pools being built. I can really see what I may want when I get the house. Appreciate all the help and the great ideas.

Vince L.

People are still amazed at the speed and professionalism that Louis Pools built our pool this year. It was quick and painless and we are loving it! Cannot say enough great things about our experience and what the pool has brought to our family- fun and togetherness and friends - cannot beat that! Thank You Louis Pools! We are loving it and thank you every day!

Kari A.

Got a new pool rendering for a home buyer of mine, for their new home purchase with Louis Pools of Frisco ! They LOVE it, and had a great experience with Mike Roeder.... Excellent service -- everything needed for your pool , or a future pool of yours....

Tom M.

Just had "Pool School" with Michael of Louis Pools of Frisco, Inc.! This guy is AWESOME--passionate about his work & taught us SO much. Can't recommend him enough!

Becky G

Thank you from the bottom of my heart for supporting us in this beautiful experience! Shelly speaks highly of you and your family. And I feel lucky to be a part of representing Louis Pools of Frisco!

Brenna R.

Louis Pools is doing an amazing job building our pool. Construction started 1 month ago and it is almost complete!!! With all the choices of pool companies out there, I am very glad we chose Louis Pools. They have been very professional and have exceeded our expectations every step of the way. Can't wait to see our ...

Rachel K.

The team at Louis Pools of Frisco designed an outstanding outdoor kitchen for us and had it completed in just a matter of days. ABSOLUTELY LOVE THE KITCHEN and their attention to detail are second-to-none!!!

Bryan K.

I am standing here looking at my gunited pool which was grass 4 days ago. I am truly amazed at the speed and skill and professionalism of this company! The crews come in and do their job with such enthusiasm and skill and a very pleasant attitude. I am loving this pool building process and can hardly wait to swim (in just a few short weeks)!! THANK YOU LOUIS POOLS OF FRISCO!!!

Al A.

I have SO many great ideas for my backyard!! :) Thanks, Louis Pools!!

Shelly K.

We interviewed eight pool companies and are SO thankful we chose Louis Pools of Frisco ... our expectations were truly exceeded!

Ryan H.

Louis Pools of Frisco is my absolute best and most knowledgeable customer! If I could only work for one pool builder it would be Louis Pools of Frisco without a doubt!

Danita M.

Louis Pools of Frisco is the first pool company we spoke to over a year ago… we met with 8 other companies between then and now. Louis Pools of Frisco will be starting our project next week! We haven’t even begun but after 12 months of due diligence we ARE THRILLED that we chose the best!

Marsha M.

I work for Louis Pools of Frisco because I was SO unsatisfied with the LARGE BUILDER that built my pool and the pain it caused for over a year! I met Michael Roeder and was convinced that he still is a true custom builder in North Texas!

Chris B.

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